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IKARUS - through birds, through fire, but not through glass.

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"independent", "exciting", "bold"

Jazz'n'more 1/2014


Ikarus Band

Evocative sound and immersive imagery

On their debut EP "Through birds, through fire, but not through glass", named after a painting by Yves Tanguys, IKARUS weave a tapestry of dream and reality, creating surreal landscapes and inspiring vivid images in its listeners mind’s eyes. The songs are like film music without a film. On stage, Daniel Eaton’s light design and Antonio Ruperez’ fashion form a congenial world of evocative sound and immersive imagery.

The band consisting of drums, bass, piano, and two singers (male and female) highlights the lofty melodies of singer Stefanie Suhner who merge with the vocal variety of Andreas Lareida. Together with the rhythm section they perform intense improvisations as well as minimalistic grooves; from roaring ecstasy to airy silence. Each piercingly clear sound shatters on wild cliffs and transformes into angelic voices and eerie murmur. Bartôk meets James Blake; Arvo Pärt fuses with Eivind Aarset.


CH Tour 2014

  • 11. September: Morpheus-Night @ Exil, Zurich, 22.00

  • 20. August: Kellerbühne Grünfels, R'wil, 22.00

  • 15. Mai: Moods, Zurich, 22.00

  • 29. April: Moods, ZKB Jazzaward 14, Zurich, 20.30

  • 25. April: Mehrspur, Zurich, 21.00

  • 11. April: Kleinkunstbörse 2014, Thun, 12.40

  • 20. February: Release Party Exil, Zurich

  • 15. February: Kiste, Stuttgart (D)

  • 14. February: Sinnbild, Ladenburg (D)

  • 13. February: Mahogany Hall, Bern

  • 6. February: Literatur Cafe, Biel

CH Tour 2013

  • 13. April: Kind of Jazz, Luzern

  • 05. March: Cabaret Voltair, Zürich

  • 03. March: Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil

  • 22. February: Bärechäller, Aarburg

  • 21. February: Jenseits im Viadukt, Zürich

  • 17. February: Kellerbühne Grünfels, Rapperswil

  • 16. February: Ono, Bern

  • 15. February: Mehrspur Musikklub, Zürich

  • 14. February: Literatur Cafe, Biel


Ikarus Tour 2014


„The EP captivates from the very first second, it is addictive.“

Tagblatt Zürich - Feb 2014

„The Releaseconcert was not from this world. Not to be missed!

Westnetz.ch - Feb 2014

„Evocative! Promising debut.“

Allaboutjazz.com - Feb 2014

„A fascinating work of art. Thrilling from the very first second to the last.“

Ron Orp Zürich - Feb 2014

„Highest enjoyment. An exciting adventure for eyes and ears.“

music-on-net.com - Feb 2014

„Ikarus lends us wings.“

Ron Orp Bern - Feb 2014

„independent“, „exciting“, „bold“. Rating: 5/5

Jazz‘n‘more - Jan 2014

„Angelic, hypnotizing voices with a big hit out of nowhere.“ Song Zarastrus featured as download of the day.

Allaboutjazz.com - Jan 2014

„The music of Ikarus ist multifaceted and transboundary.“

Zürichsee-Zeitung - Feb 2013

„A distinct sound between hope und despair.“

Oltner Tagblatt - Feb 2013


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Photos: Noah Punkt
Website: @obauma
Fine art: Julia Kunde